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1. Flip, after-digest taste of food, herbs and emotions.

Its influence on the internal environment of the organism and its importance for health and diseases. His role in Ayurvedic healing strategies.

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2. Genetikata na bulgarire

Имаме удоволствието да Ви представим лекцията на професор д-р Иво Кременски, генетик номер едно на България. завеждащ генетична лаборатория в Медицинския университет; до 2011 завеждащ Националната генетична лаборатория; до 2014 национален консултант по медицинска генетика

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3. List of books donated by AYUSH and the Embassy of India in Bulgaria .

Dear friends, on 21 June to the International Day of yoga received a donation of AYUSH and the Embassy of India in Bulgaria . We give you spisaka.Knigite that one copy will first be scanned , and those who are in more than one copy will be provided directly to members of the Association who have paid their membership fees regularly . Reading period will be two months, then the book must be returned .

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Характерни за медитацията са бавните ТЕТА и ДЕЛТА -вълните с честота съответно 4 – 7 Hz и 0,5 – 4 . Те се наблюдават и в различните фази на съня.

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