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1. Flip, after-digest taste of food, herbs and emotions.

Its influence on the internal environment of the organism and its importance for health and diseases. His role in Ayurvedic healing strategies.

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2. Genetikata na bulgarire

Имаме удоволствието да Ви представим лекцията на професор д-р Иво Кременски, генетик номер едно на България. завеждащ генетична лаборатория в Медицинския университет; до 2011 завеждащ Националната генетична лаборатория; до 2014 национален консултант по медицинска генетика

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3. List of books donated by AYUSH and the Embassy of India in Bulgaria .

Dear friends, on 21 June to the International Day of yoga received a donation of AYUSH and the Embassy of India in Bulgaria . We give you spisaka.Knigite that one copy will first be scanned , and those who are in more than one copy will be provided directly to members of the Association who have paid their membership fees regularly . Reading period will be two months, then the book must be returned .

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Характерни за медитацията са бавните ТЕТА и ДЕЛТА -вълните с честота съответно 4 – 7 Hz и 0,5 – 4 . Те се наблюдават и в различните фази на съня.

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Bulgarian Association Ayurveda

"Bulgarian Association Ayurveda" was registered in July 2009 as a voluntary, independent, non-governmental, politically and religiously non-aligned organization whose mission is to work for the promotion of Ayurveda in Bulgaria in its authentic form to preserve and maintain high standards in Ayurvedic science and practice for the benefit of all.
The initiative for the Alliance came spontaneously as the need of a group of followers of the Ayurvedic science to communicate and exchange ideas and also to maintain their knowledge and contribute to its promotion. According to David Frawley, Ayurveda contains not only the secrets of healing the individual, but also the rise of society and the planet itself, we would like more people to have the opportunity to experience this universal knowledge. We would also want to work toward achieving more harmony and understanding in our modern lifestyle.
Objectives of the Association:
• Introduction and promotion of the Ayurvedic science and practice as a holistic healing system with beneficial effects on human health.
• Building a positive image of Ayurvedic science among Bulgarian society and the promotion of its place among the philosophical and medical systems ;
• Establishment of Ayurveda as a separate healing system.

Main activities of the association :
• To unite people with an interest in Ayurvedic science in Bulgaria, as well as people who are professionally involved with it;
• To represent and defend the interests of the Ayurvedic community in the country to express and defend the rights and interests of its members and support their professional activities to promote Ayurvedic profession;
• To cooperate with state institutions and non-governmental organizations concerned with issues related to Ayurveda, and to establish and maintain good relationships in the Ayurvedic community with other professional and community organizations, government institutions and all Ayurvedic organizations and groups in Bulgaria and around the world with similar goals ;
• To establish and maintain standards of education, vocational training and ethics in the field of Ayurveda corresponding to those adopted in the EU ;
• To work towards adopting the Ayurvedic methods of prevention and treatment by society ;
• To promote the exchange of information on issues related to Ayurvedic science and profession, through the establishment and maintenance of a website, and through other forms of mass communication ;
• To participate in the initiation and development of political, legislative, governmental and other public acts related to Ayurveda and its methods;
• To work for the formalization of Ayurvedic practice in explicit forms;
• To work for the introduction of Ayurveda in all forms of medical education, including higher medical education in Bulgaria.
• To support research in the field of Ayurveda in accordance with the requirements of good medical practice and good pharmaceutical practice;
• To participate and to assist its members' participation in international symposia, seminars, to maintain active links with foreign organizations or use other forms of educational exchange.


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